Sonntag, 20. März 2016


According to the state of art of cable car technique, offshore technology and hydrostatic power station know how there is no risk of implementing. We would be pleased to hear from you, being interested in further details, as there are:

1.            Wind power plants with bracing on top, synergy to the cable car techniques
2.            Wind power plants with expandable solar sails, synergy to membrane sails
3.            Multilayer sails with integrated solar cells and reinforcements.
4.            Direct driven generator/motor as well as fluid pump /fluid motor in the nacelle
5.            Storage capacity for one day output in the tower
6.            Electric cabling over top
7.            Wind turbine ALL IN ONE (Solar, Hydrostatic Power Station and Pressure Store)
8.            Plane coverage of deserts for cultivation and shade covers for glaciers
9.            Feasibility study
10.          Producibility study with detailed calculations

Detailed patent applications
SOLAR PLANES                         A     583/ 2015 09 04
TOP TOWER BRACING            A 50187/ 2016 03 07 Priority 2015 09 04
ENERGY STORAGE                  A 50186/ 2016 03 07

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